The Merciful Hand

In the wake of the Last War the loss of life was incalculable. Where only some of the secrets of the past could be preserved, the arts of magical healing were among those most often rescued. Ancient divine protocols of succor were passed down among numerous nations and peoples, and the ensuing body of knowledge came to be known in many lands as the Merciful Hand. These adepts are honored in all civilized lands, and only monsters or the truly barbarous would dare to harm them. Custom demands that they give at least an hour or two of their labor wherever they might stay the night.

Their hospice-academies are rare, but are invariably well-supported by the local nobility, though in some lands this closeness has become an unhealthily incestuous bond between the Hand and the nobility. In these places only apprentices of suitably good breeding are allowed to enter the academy, thus neglecting suitable candidates of less glorious lineage and leaving the hospice much more interested in the concerns of the great. Given how few have the magical gifts required, this can make an adept of the Hand even rarer than they are now.

The tradition’s spells are potent, but have no power to harm a person or affect an unwilling target. Its initiates can prepare some of the more commonly-needed spells beforehand in elixirs and poultices. The traditional dress of the order includes white robes with a pattern of red triangles or slashes. Most carry a staff or rod emblazoned with the symbols of their order: the serpent of wisdom, the hand of healing, and others.

Factions of Arcem

The Merciful Hand

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