The Cinnabar Order

A priesthood of scourging flame from the red sand deserts of the Oasis States, the Cinnabar Order works its ways in flame-shrines and monasteries of ash. Their adepts bring sourceless fire to the inhabitants of the great pyramid-cities. Each likely boy or girl is obliged to spend long years in study before they are permitted to leave the shrine where they were trained. Some are enlisted by a city in need of another flame-sorcerer, while others travel to the wet lands for their damp green secrets.

They revere the dead gods of fire and heat, mastering their ancient liturgies to call forth the flame that their people need to survive in a land where there is little to burn. Sorcerer-priests of the Cinnabar Order have a superlative control of flame, including the ability to conjure fire from nothing and to animate flame into the semblance of life.

While the Cinnabar Order is a vital part of the life of the great pyramid-arcologies of the Oasis States, its members are viewed with a mix of fear and distaste. The ancient adepts of the Order were strongly opposed to the transhuman breeding experiments that continue to this day among the families of the pyramids, and their refusal to cooperate in lending Cinnabar Order pupils to the genetic stock won them the displeasure of the cities’ sorcerous flesh-shapers. The arcane descendants of these ancient fire-magi preserve their distance from the eugenic experiments of the Oasian nobility, obliging the Order’s leaders to remain in the security of their ash monasteries.

Despite this ancient hostility, the pyramids still need the magical fires that the Cinnabar Order provides in order to maintain their massive enchanted hydroponic gardens. As such, they are paid in necessities for their monasteries and maintain a certain legal impunity under Oasian law. So long as they don’t interfere too overtly with the nobility, they and their servants may ignore almost all other laws.

Factions of Arcem

The Cinnabar Order

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