The Village of Shohre Shabnam
Size: 1
Power: 1
Cohesion: 1
Trouble: 1
Action Die: d6
Available Dominion: 2
A haven for academics.
Guarded by a well-regulated militia.
Defended by mighty stone walls.
Filled with hidden bolt holes and escape routes (Influence)
Morale is enhanced by an opulent casino/nightclub.
Menaced by the Cousins. (We know where they live.)
Outside Interest: The Cousins (Interest: 1)

The City of Dan Peleg
Size: 2
Power: 2
Cohesion: 2
Trouble: 1
Action Die: d8
Available Dominion: 4
Dan Peleg is prosperoud amidst the decay of Ancalia.
A robust mercantile guild.
Protected by a Mundus Ward (Rating: 2).
Working Aethernet.
Power is divided among multiple authority figures.
Outside Interest: The Atheocracy of Lom (Interest: 2)

The Atheocracy of Lom
Size: 4
Power: 4
Cohesion: 4
Action Die: d12
Features: ?
Problems: ?

Outside Interest: ???

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