Aaron Walpole

A former Broadway performer turned divinity


Muscle-bound, bald, beautiful, and black.


Bound God: Followers are “Organizers” or “Aaronites.”

Cult: The Organizers of Aaron
Power: 1
Action Die: d6
Dominion: 2 per month (Moderate Tenets)

  • Benefit: The Organizers of Aaron build strong, cohesive communities.
  • Problem: Organizers must consider the health and needs of the community when allocating resources, placing those needs ahead of their own.
  • Problem: Difficult to know where the Church ends and the State begins.


  • Be a contributing part of the community.
  • Defend the community from external threats.
  • Obey the just commands and laws of lawful authorities.
  • Live authentically, in touch with one’s feelings.


Dan Peleg Organizing Center: A community outreach center and temple in the “new city” portion of Dan Peleg.


Hannah Zerezgi, Knight Pavian

Aaron Walpole

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