The Words of Creation

When the Creator made the infinite worlds of existence, he did so by binding certain fundamental concepts into the very fabric of reality. These fundamental concepts exist across all Realms, radiating from the nature of creation itself. To mortal minds, these basic concepts express themselves as Words.

The Words of Creation each express a single building block of existence itself, though each Word can be reflected and expressed in a multitude of different ways. The concept known to mortals as “the Sun,” for example, can represent peaceful light, searing heat, the banishment of darkness, or even the metaphorical illumination brought by truth.

There are thought to be twenty-seven Words of Creation, though some scholars believe that existence has become so frayed that one or more Words may have been lost forever. If such a loss had indeed occurred, no one would be able to know for certain, since the loss of a Word would result in the concept it embodies being purged from all existence.

The twenty-seven known Words of Creation are:

  • Alacrity: The concept of motion, embodied through speed.
  • Artifice: The concept of creativity, embodied through tool use and the making of objects.
  • Beasts: The concept of living animals, embodied through creatures and their emulation.
  • Bow: The concept of distance, embodied through the ability to strike at range.
  • Command: The concept of order and hierarchy, embodied through control and rulership.
  • Death: The concept of entropy, embodied through the end of life.
  • Deception: The concept of untruth, embodied through lies and illusion.
  • Earth: The concept of stability and solidity, embodied through stone and dirt.
  • Endurance: The concept of perseverance, embodied through stamina and fortitude.
  • Fate: The concept of probability, embodied through a cognizance of karma and an ability to manipulate destiny.
  • Fertility: The concept of life itself, embodied through reproduction and flora.
  • Fire: The concept of energy, expressed through heat and inspiration.
  • Health: The concept of the physical body, embodied through well-being and sickness in equal measure.
  • Journeying: The concept of the separation of spaces, embodied through the act of travel.
  • Knowledge: The concept of thought, embodied through learning and understanding.
  • Luck: The concept of chaos, embodied through random chance.
  • Might: The concept of power, embodied through physical strength.
  • Night: The concept of darkness, embodied through stealth and the absence of light.
  • Passion: The concept of emotion, embodied through intensity of feeling.
  • Sea: The concept of water, embodied through the eternal ocean and its tides.
  • Shapeshifting: The concept of multiplicity, embodied through manifold forms.
  • Sky: The concept of air, embodied through the cerulean heights.
  • Sorcery: The concept of metaphysics, embodied through the willful manipulation of reality itself.
  • Sun: The concept of light, embodied through the sun’s life-giving warmth.
  • Sword: The concept of conflict, embodied through puissant skill in melee combat.
  • Time: The concept of linear time, embodied through the ability to alter its flow.
  • Wealth: The concept of material possessions, embodied through the acquisition and valuation of such possessions.

Some concepts go so deep that no understanding of their Word is possible for mortals, such as the idea that things have form or that matter and energy are separate. Of course, it may simply be that the Words for these concepts have been forgotten rather than lost, but mortal philosophers can never seem to agree on such matters.

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The Words of Creation

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