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Welcome to Godbound: Beyond the Edge of Night

You have been chosen to bear the Words of Creation, the primeval concepts used by the Creator to forge all of existence. This is fortunate, for the Creator has abandoned his throne, fled beyond all known worlds and left his creation to crumble behind him. Only those armed with the Words have any chance of saving existence itself from permanent dissolution. You have journeyed far, crossing the Edge of Night to arrive in Arcem, the Realm Beneath the Throne.

Once, long ago, Arcem was the most blessed of worlds. In such close proximity to the Creator, the world thrived and grew. In time, all basic needs were met—hunger, thirst, poverty, and sickness were no more. With such plenty, the people turned to discussions of philosophy, belief, and the meaning of existence. And in time, these discussions turned to arguments, which turned to violence, which became war.

In their arrogance, mankind stormed the gates of heaven itself to demand answers from the Creator… only to find an empty throne. Some said that he had fled, fearful of man’s power, while others whispered that he had never existed at all, a mere lie told by the angels to maintain their hold over humanity.

The angry legions of man looted heaven, stealing the secrets of divinity from the broken and fleeing angels, and brought their divine wonders back to Arcem. They used these wonders to fashion their own gods, who would fight on behalf of their people’s beliefs. The golden age was lost to this madness, and Arcem descended into a millennium of chaos and decline. The Made Gods destroyed themselves and one another, consuming their nations in the war, and leaving Arcem adrift in the Eternal Night.

Now, a thousand years later, the machines of heaven are winding down, grinding their gears to a halt and bringing further ruin to the infinite worlds. Arcem itself sees worse cataclysms with each passing year, while the realms beyond the Edge of Night fall into perpetual darkness one by one. Some say that champions have come to save Arcem and rebuild the Celestial Engines, but others see only wishful thinking.

No matter what the people believe, change is coming to Arcem—and to all the worlds beyond the Edge of Night.

On Matters Concerning the Divine and the Profane

Main Page

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