Temperance Wright

A bandit leader and secret agent from Lom


Temperance Wright is a tall, pale woman with freckles and long, blood-red hair. Her grey eyes hold nothing like sympathy and she carries a wicked-looking fork-tipped sword. She tends to go barefoot except for a few foot wraps, like most of her bandit followers.


The woman known to the bandits of western Ancalia as Red-Tears is actually a Lomite undercover agent named Temperance Wright. She was chosen to infiltrate Ancalia in order to foment discord and chaos in the wake of the Nine Days Darkness, preventing the Ancalians from recovering from that disaster. She was chosen for her loyalty to the Atheocracy, her ruthlessness, and her skill in the martial strife form known as the Art of the Bitter Rival.

Temperance was captured in a raid on the village of Shohre Shabnam and judged guilty of various crimes by Aaron Walpole, who sentenced her to death by hanging. She was thrown into an unmarked grave beyond the village’s new walls without benefit of prayer or ritual after being beheaded to prevent her from rising again as a husk.

Temperance Wright

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