Mintxo Fermin

Bandit scum and one hell of a sharpshooter


Mintxo Fermin is a lithe man with feminine features, long silky hair, and charming good looks. He dresses in slightly cleaner riding leathers than his gang-mates, and he tends to keep fine clothing for himself, wearing it until it falls apart from overuse. He uses a rook’s skull to keep his ponytail in place. He is armed with a rare working slugthrower, a primitive blast-gel model rather than a modern Bright Republic electrogun, but it still makes him formidable at long range.


Mintxo is a lifelong criminal who has found his place in life since the fall of Ancalia. He was small-time back when there were laws and knights to enforce them. Now, he’s just been promoted to leader of his own gang with the death of Red-Tears and Chinonso turning soft. He might or might not come back to Shohre Shabnam, but he’ll definitely keep stealing from other innocent people.

Mintxo Fermin

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