Hannah Zerezgi

A Knight of the Shield of Saint Jemal, sworn to defend the weak


Hannah is a tall, dark-skinned woman with short-cropped hair in black and blonde stripes. She carries a shattered sword that is all that remains of her knightly regalia and her body is criss-crossed with scars and burns. She was recently given a new suit of regalia armor by Chris Stark.


Hannah Zerezgi has been a member of the Knights Pavian since she was 16 years old. She joined the knightly order as a squire, originally intending to serve for two years and return home to university, but she fell in love with the ritual and service involved in knighthood and remained at the Temple of St. Jemal against her wealthy family’s wishes. She was one of the last knights to escape the temple before it was brought low by the Uncreated, and she still has nightmares about the things she saw during the Nine Days Darkness.

Hannah almost lost her life protecting the village of Shohre Shabnam from attack by a keythong and surely would have died except for the intervention of Trevor Maxis.

Hannah Zerezgi

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