Chinonso Afolabi

Former bandit seeking redemption


Chinonso is a dark-skinned man of imposing height and build, standing nearly seven feet tall. His bare chest and bald head are covered in white tattoos and prominent scar patterns. He wields a massive hammer in combat, and his bare skin seems able to deflect many blows as well as armor.


Chinonso was a metal-worker in Binai, a northern coastal town, when the Fall of Ancalia came. He fled south to escape the doom that claimed his family and found his skills in high demand among the only people who could afford to feed and house him: bandits and brigands. Eventually, his moral compass broke down and he found himself doing things he would never have considered in better times, but a part of him always felt terrible shame at his actions. After being captured in a raid on Shohre Shabnam, he was offered a chance to redeem himself and serve the community, a chance he gladly took.

Chinonso Afolabi

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